When kids need glasses

Martine Bernier

Health journalist, editor-in-chief

August 5, 2021

Vision plays an essential role in child development, so it is important to make sure there is no abnormality from infancy. The earlier problems are detected and corrected, the better the results.

If you notice that your child tends to squint, shies away from light, does not follow movements above him or her, seems awkward or indifferent, frequently squints or rubs his or her eyes, a visit to the eye doctor is in order.

Like adults, children are also entitled to glasses, there are many different models adapted to their needs. The lenses and frames for young children have special features that provide comfort and safety. It is strongly recommended to choose shatterproof models without metal parts. Metal glasses are suitable only from 7 years old. They are less sturdy than plastic frames, bend more quickly and can become a hazard if worn all the way up on the nose. Opt for soft and flexible temples that guarantee comfort and resistance.

Choose a frame that fits the shape of your child’s face and ask the future wearer’s opinion before you commit! Your child must wear the glasses, so you should take into account his wishes in terms of color and shape.

Some children get used to the new aid quickly, others put the glasses down again and again. If this applies to your child, it is recommended to put the glasses on him as soon as he wakes up so that his eyes do not have to strain to see clearly in the first place. Play with him so that he forgets about the glasses. In time, they will become part of everyday life, just like clothes.

The frequency with which your child needs new glasses depends on how fast the child grows in the case of the frame, the lenses are changed according to his needs, the required visual acuity is determined during the control visits with your specialist.

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