A health guide for 50+ consumers for living well and not just living long. We provide useful articles on anti-aging, beauty, menopause, sleeping trouble, diabetes, high blood pressure, hearing, joints and muscles, prothesis, nutrition, diet, digestion, vitamins, and how to boost your immune system.

We are better after 50, because we are willing to share our experiences and concerns. From health to cooking, physical activity to sports, travel to entertainment, finances, retirement, and insurances.

50+ covers everything you need to know about healthcare and lifestyle. You will find articles offered in an easy-to-read format for all of us reaching 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and hopefully more!

50+ le guide a partir de 50 ans
Killing “zombie cells” to stay young

Killing “zombie cells” to stay young

The cells in our body renew themselves through cell division; Two daughter cells develop from each mother cell. This division is preceded by a doubling of the cell content: possibly damaged cell components are dissolved by newly synthesized ones, which represents an...

A senior guide for living healthy and not just living long.

Improve the quality of your life with 50+, the magazine that will guide you through interesting articles to a healthy lifestyle. From cooking to health, fitness and finances, travel, or retirement. An annual guide that will provide useful information for a happier and healthier life for men and women over 50.

Read about the challenges for seniors- transitioning into retirement can be intimidating, facing the signs of deteriorating health or the decision to stay home as you grow older. Keep them informed by providing easy-to-read medical articles with a focus on everything from loving exercise to travel, the importance of good nutrition very necessary for our mental growth, and why sleep is so important for a person’s well-being.


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