Customize your home and improve your daily life

Martine Bernier

Health journalist, editor-in-chief

May 27, 2022

Adapting your living space to your age is possible!

For several years now, seniors have had access to innovative living solutions. For those who do not want to expose themselves to loneliness and at the same time benefit from a way of life that allows them to maintain their autonomy, there are intergenerational residences that benefit from the new technologies. This concept envisages moving into a comfortable and safe apartment equipped with advanced home automation systems that, in particular, allow the health status of residents to be monitored. Fully equipped studios are rented to students interested in contact with the elderly, and common areas encourage social interaction. The kitchen, dining room, lounge library, and vegetable garden are available for tenants to meet and share convivial moments. In addition, a service exchange contract encourages residents to help one another to make life easier for one another. Unlike retirement homes, these well-located apartments in urban areas are not medicated but allow residents to retain complete autonomy and a real home while benefiting from the services and human warmth of the common areas.

Improve your daily life

Those who have a home of their own are often determined to stay there for as long as possible, adjust, and secure it. The work usually relates to the bathroom, where installing a bathtub with a door avoids having to step over the bathtub to sit down, which minimizes the risk of accidents. Usually installed in a single day, this material comes in several options that can be incorporated into any bathroom. A house with a staircase can be a cause for concern as it ages. To make moving from one floor to another easier, an electric stairlift is an ideal solution. This device, which consists of a seat and a rail, is mounted on the wall or on the stairs, and the user has a remote control with which he can operate it at will.
After all, there are a number of solutions that ensure personal security in the home, such as emergency subscriptions, alerting relatives, or a control center that enables rapid intervention if necessary. In order to ensure optimal well-being during the stay at home, home care services are provided by qualified caregivers. Several entities offer a range of day-to-day support services ranging from housekeeping to hygiene and comfort maintenance.

So a lot is possible … if you know who to turn to!

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