Take time for your relationship

Martine Bernier

Health journalist, editor-in-chief

June 12, 2023

Since your return from motherhood, you have gone from two to three… From the status of a couple, you have gone to that of a family, with all that that entails of change, happiness, but also stress and fear of the unknown.

Your baby, that little bit of love that you melt into, is also an energy eater. He needs time, love, care, attention, patience … so much so that you have little time left to think about yourself and your spouse.

Do not lock yourself in the role of the exclusive mother … Your child will also need his dad, who very often asks for nothing better than to be able to support you with him. By offering him you take care of him in the same way as him by giving him the bottle, the bath, or by changing his diapers, you will let him take possession of his role of father … and you will spare yourself precious periods of calm! Take the opportunity to take care of yourself! Now is the time to treat yourself to a session at the hairdresser or beautician, or to take two hours just for you to bask in the sun! Do yourself a favour and think of yourself: it will only make you more relaxed and allow you to fill up with a good mood.

If you are happy to look beautiful, you know full well that your partner will appreciate him too … Lately, your conversations have revolved almost exclusively around the baby, the time may have come to re-establish your relationship and give back. to your husband the place which is due to him. Make time for a small meal together, ask him how he is, what he is going through …

If your little one is old enough to be in the care of his grandparents or someone you trust for an evening, schedule a night out once a month. A restaurant, a movie screening, a romantic moonlight walk… anything is possible! And if it’s too early for you to dare to step away from your baby, treat yourself to a DVD night with a good bottle and a meal tray ordered and delivered to your home, just to break the routine.

So that the happy period of the first steps in the life of three does not turn into a “baby clash”, realize that this change in existence can undermine the good understanding of your couple. Take time to talk to each other, to share, to find yourself. Find together your new rhythm and rearrange your life without forgetting to set aside time for moments of complicity and those reunions is precious.

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