The checklist for the mother-to-be

Martine Bernier

Health journalist, editor-in-chief

May 28, 2023

You are pregnant? Congratulations!
Here is a list of the various steps that should be performed to be sure that everything goes well.

• Is your pregnancy test positive or do you think you are pregnant? Make an appointment with your gynecologist to confirm the good news. He or she should give you a thorough medical examination, tell you the date of delivery and set the schedule for your next prenatal examinations with you.

• If this is your first child, you are due for seven routine checkups during these nine months, unless you have a problem. These medical visits are less extensive than the first and include checking your weight, blood pressure, blood hemoglobin level and baseline height, as well as giving a urine sample. Your baby’s heart activity and position will also be monitored. Two ultrasounds are recommended as part of this review series. Since 2017, the seven routine examinations can be performed by a midwife who collaborates with a physician in the event of a high-risk pregnancy.

• Once your pregnancy is confirmed, they can discuss with your gynecologist the options available to you for childbirth. Also, remember to contact the maternity hospital where you plan to deliver your baby.

• Sign up for a childbirth and parenting class to be taken as a couple.

• Get the necessary equipment so that her baby can live in the best possible conditions. This includes furniture for the nursery, strollers, baby clothes, diapers and other basic items. Also, remember to have a safe means of transportation ready to take your little one home after leaving the hospital.

• All you have to do now is prepare your baby’s room, get health insurance for him, and pack your bag for the big day!

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