Burns, scalding and poisoning

Martine Bernier

Health journalist, editor-in-chief

March 6, 2023

Children under 5 are the most affected by such accidents. To avoid them, a few simple rules:

  • Always check your child’s bath water before putting it in. Do not add hot water while it is in the tub. Don’t leave him there alone and don’t let him play with the water tap. A mixer tap fitted with a temperature regulator will prevent serious scalding.

  • Children should not be in the kitchen when you are preparing meals. Make sure that they cannot reach pots and pans (the handles should never be turned out). No container containing hot liquid (coffee maker, teapot, soup tureen, etc.) should be left unattended.

  • Avoid tablecloths while your child is small: they may grab onto them to stand up and spill the contents of the table on them.

  • Set up the table when your child is installed in his seat and cannot have access to dangerous objects.

  • To teach the child to beware of heat sources, gently approach his hand, without forcing it, to a hot oven, a candle, etc., so that he understands how dangerous it is. Later, teach him to handle matches or a lighter in your presence, and never let these objects or fireworks lie within his reach. Store extension cords after use and protect outlets.

  • Keep medications and toxic products (insecticides, cleaning products, alcohol, cigarettes, nail polish, sprays, etc.) out of your child’s reach.

  • To avoid injury from household appliance knives, store anything that poses a risk out of reach after use.

(Source: Swiss Office for Accident Prevention, BPA)

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