Beautiful and fit during and after pregnancy

Martine Bernier

Health journalist, editor-in-chief

June 7, 2021

During the nine-month waiting period for your baby, your body is subject to profound changes. Despite the discomfort caused by these changes, you remain a woman with a desire to continue looking pretty, and most importantly, to feel as good and comfortable as possible.

Therefore, you should adopt and maintain the right habits as early as the first few weeks of pregnancy in order to avoid possible consequences.

• Take special care of your skin during this time. To avoid the so-called pregnancy mask (also called chloasma), which can spread over your forehead, temples, and chin, protect your face with a sun protection cream when you leave the house. Opt for complete protection for your excursions in the sun and … be patient. One in two women, especially women with a dull complexion, suffer from this famous mask, which in most cases disappears when the baby is born.

• Massage your skin daily with an oil or a suitable nourishing cream, even if you have been spared stretch marks so far. Until birth, the stretched skin on your stomach can hold unpleasant surprises in store, which you should prevent. If you suffer from itching, apply a generous amount of soothing moisturizing milk.

• Pregnancy is often accompanied by flare-ups of acne on the face, redness, a pale complexion, dry skin, heavy eyelids, etc. Banish all irritating care products (peelings, retinol, products with fruit acid …) from your bath and focus on moisturizing the skin.

• As you have already noticed, as your waistline grows, it becomes more and more difficult to care for your body the way you would like to. Now is the right time to treat yourself to a few sessions with a podiatrist or beautician.

• Would you like to take a relaxing break with your better half? Many thalassotherapy centers offer specific programs and care treatments for expectant mothers.

• In everyday life, remember to adapt your rhythm to your condition. Avoid standing for long periods of time, do not carry anything heavy, stand up slowly, do not cross your legs while sitting … The further the pregnancy progresses, the slower you should move. If you are a seasoned athlete, you will need to slow down your exercise, but not give it up completely: for example, you can continue swimming, if possible on your back. But don’t force yourself!

Nice before and after the birth!

You will become a mother … But that does not prevent you from continuing to be a woman at the same time. Make yourself pretty even during pregnancy, it’s good for the soul! Give preference to subtle, natural make-up, with soft tones instead of bright colors. Are you depressed looking at your silhouette in the mirror? It will become leaner again over time. While you are patient, you can showcase your strengths: your décolleté, which will never be as lush as it was during pregnancy, your eyes, and your hair, which is pushed by hormones, are often more beautiful than ever during these nine months. Before you leave for the maternity ward, you should pack a little bag with your trusty beauty helpers: an atomizer and damp wipes to freshen up quickly, your favorite care products, almond oil for your skin, your moisturizer, and your favorite make-up -Products! For the sake of your baby, avoid using perfume.

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