Bath time: A special moment

Martine Bernier

Health journalist, editor-in-chief

August 1, 2021

To make your child’s bath a time of togetherness, peace and well-being, only a minimum of organization is required!

At birth, your newborn is still fragile. You should therefore make sure to heat the bathroom to 22 degrees beforehand. The bath water should be 37 ° C and is thus adjusted to the temperature of the baby. Use a thermometer to check. The tub does not need to be completely filled, ten centimeters is enough. You should not be disturbed while bathing. Even if you have to answer the phone or the mailman rings, never leave your child alone in the water.

Before you begin, you should have all the necessary utensils close at hand: the cleansing solution without soap or perfume (soap is not recommended before 18 months of age) and the special hypoallergenic baby and surgras shampoo, moisturizer, a bath cape or towel, diapers and clean clothes.

Support your baby by practicing the safety position: Hold it with your forearm under the neck and grasp it with your hand under the armpit. Hold it with one gentle but firm hand and soap it from top to bottom with the other. Talk to the baby, smile and take a good look at him while you do this, he will thank you. Use your hand rather than a washcloth for washing, as it can be a bit rough.

Initially, the bath should not last more than a few minutes: it quickly catches a cold, and the lime in the water can dry the skin. Recommended bath every other day, so that it is not too much for the baby. In between, you can do a quick cleaning. From the age of 9 months, you can put small toys in the water and also bathe your child in the family bathtub, which should be equipped with a non-slip mat.

The older the baby, the longer you can let him have a little fun in his bath, but always under supervision. At about 2-3 years, it can take a bath every day.

After lifting it out of the water, wrap the baby in a soft towel and dry it thoroughly, especially between the folds. Finally, you can gently pat it dry. If your child likes it, you can still give him a little massage with a special baby massage oil, so that he is relaxed at the end.

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