Baby care: Perfect Hygiene

Martine Bernier

Health journalist, editor-in-chief

May 5, 2021

More fragile than adults, babies need specific care and hygiene perfect. Even if you are busy with other tasks, do not neglect this subject: it is absolutely necessary for the good development of your child.

Day-to-day care of your baby is the perfect time to strengthen the bonds you make with him every day. Your baby’s skin is fragile. It is therefore necessary to use products designed specifically for it with a neutral pH and without chemical additives or dyes.

Whether you are at home or away from home, always have everything you will need on hand at hand:

  • hydrophilic cotton
  • sterile compresses
  • a hypoallergenic cleansing milk
  • dermatological soap
  • pods of physiological serum
  • a moisturizing and repairing cream
  • “special baby” cotton swabs
  • a hairbrush with soft bristles
  • a pair of round-tipped scissors

“Your baby’s skin is fragile.
It is therefore necessary to use products designed specifically for it with neutral pH and without chemical additives or dyes.”

  • From the first few days after the bath, when you have dressed your child, get into the habit of washing their face using a cotton pad soaked in lukewarm water, without soap. As you cleanse his cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose wings, talk to him to reassure him.

  • For the ears, use traditional cotton swabs which repel earwax inside the ear canal. Those designed for babies are thicker towards the end and prevent it from going too deep into the ear.

  • Cleaning the nose helps prevent infections by removing dirt from the nasal opening. To do this, use a cotton wick, moisten it with physiological serum and avoid going too deep into the nostrils.

  • For your baby’s eyes, take a compress soaked in physiological saline in a pod. Work from the inside of the eye to the outside, remembering to change the compress for each eye.

  • Once you have prepared all the necessary equipment for the baby’s bath and that you have verified that the water temperature is indeed 37 °, you can proceed to the bath of your child. Keep in mind that it is your presence, you’re calmness and your tenderness that will reassure him and make this moment a special moment. Once or twice a week, wash her hair with baby shampoo before applying a little almond oil to her scalp if you find “cradle cap.” These yellowish scabs will go away on their own. After shampooing, you can brush the hair with a soft bristle brush. 


Prepare all the materials you will need ahead of time and have them handy. The water temperature should be 37 degrees. The folds of the skin, under the arms, on the neck, behind the ears, … can become encrusted with sebum, or fibers that often cannot be seen. So keep an eye out for those folds and crannies.

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