Peachy skin after pregnancy

Martine Bernier

Health journalist, editor-in-chief

May 20, 2022

In the months before the birth of your child, your hair has benefited from a veritable estrogen glut, but unfortunately this does not apply to your skin. As soon as it stretches under the pressure of the growing baby, the first stretch marks appear, which you should do something about from the second trimester.

For this purpose, there are special care products against stretch marks in the pharmacy in the form of creams, which must be applied daily. This makes the skin soft and smooth again, and in most cases the unsightly stripes fade again after the birth.

Almond oil is also an excellent moisturizer for the skin. However, refrain from using products based on essential oils during pregnancy. After birth, your complexion is often rather sallow. Hormones are also responsible for this, in addition to the far too short nights with numerous interruptions to feed your hungry baby. To compensate, drink plenty of water and set up rest periods. It is best to adjust your rhythm to that of your newborn and use the times when he sleeps to rest as well.

Learn to read the skin

Often the quality of the skin changes during pregnancy. Observe your skin well. If it is constantly shiny, you are more likely to have oily skin. If it is thin and sensitive and taut after washing, you tend to have dry skin. If it’s dry on your cheeks and temples, but oily on your forehead, nose and chin, you probably have combination skin. If in doubt, ask a pharmacist or esthetician for advice before choosing the most appropriate cream. Once you have moisturized and nourished your skin with a suitable cream, take some time to apply makeup. A bit of concealer, some foundation and a touch of blush will work wonders to bring back your peachy skin and a glowing complexion!

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