Spending more time with your child

Time is precious and it flies. The possibilities available to families to gain some free time by, for example, shopping from home, are therefore welcome.

The time you spend in the shops and that you lose in the checkout queues can already be a moment of relaxation with your child. Your child can learn how to shop with you, compare items and prices, and avoid the rush of shopping at busy times. Today, ordering food and other daily necessities online gives you access to as wide a choice of products as if you were in the shops. Saving time and avoiding the hassle of carrying bags and finding parking spaces are among the reasons why as many as 250,000 people in Switzerland now shop this way. The time you have to spare can be used to relax with your child or children. But be careful: play means having fun, not necessarily using play as a teaching tool. There is no question of directing the game: this time it is your child who will decide what and how he or she wants to play. Let them have this fun: it is the only time they are in control. Take advantage of these playful moments to observe your little one. You will discover aspects of your child that you would not have thought of before. know you or not well. And they will see you outside your role as a parent. Play is very important in a child’s development. But if you both decide to play, you need to enjoy it too. Forget your worries of the day and immerse yourself in his or her world. Expand the range of activities you can offer your child, while letting them take the initiative in choosing and carrying out the activities.

Here are some examples of activities you could do together:

  • a board game – camp out in the living room if it’s raining outside
  • look for leaves and make a herbarium
  • get into his game and make the dolls, play mobile, lego or other characters talk
  • play at the car circuit
  • prepare a show together to present to the whole family. While waiting for the big day, it will be your secret…
  • draw, read, do crafts…
  • prepare a good dish, a dessert, a birthday cake…

Play and occupation have the advantage of anchoring you in the present moment, of focusing on the activity you are sharing and forgetting the worries of everyday life. Your child will show you the way… You will share his or her imaginary journeys, creativity and laughter, which are considered excellent stress relievers.

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