Breakfast: a companion for the whole day

Martine Bernier

Health journalist, editor-in-chief

July 22, 2022

The morning meal is very important for the health of your child. It allows him to recharge the necessary energy to start the day with full strength and have the necessary concentration, attention and good mood for the whole day.

And yet, it is this meal that is least tempting for your child. To whet his appetite, set the breakfast table in an inviting way with all the ingredients needed to make him want to sit down: a fun breakfast bowl, drinking straws in all colors, and several kinds of breakfast cereal in all shapes… Wake your child up early enough so that he can eat breakfast in peace. Offer him a fruit juice or water first, followed by milk or hot chocolate. Do not forget to offer him dairy products such as curd cheese, cheese, yogurt as well as fruits.

“Granola bars are also an ideal and practical solution.”

If your child still won’t eat, give him a snack for recess. To whet his appetite, make imaginative homemade mini-sandwiches, such as square pieces of gingerbread filled with a banana-flavored Petit Suisse. A small fruit juice or compote and a small bottle of drinkable yogurt complete the snack. Muesli bars are also an ideal and practical solution.

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