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For a healthy Switzerland… how to protect yourself from flu naturally? Wash your hands regularly and boost your immune system with a balanced diet,
vitamins and minerals.

The flu… a plague for

children too

by Martine Bernier

Many think that flu is an adult disease. Not at all: it also affects babies and children, and they are even at great risk. In fact, a child is three times more likely to get the flu than a young adult.

New knowledge on treatment of

hay fever

Dr. Michel Seppey

Hay fever is the typical expression of allergy in the nose area. He begins with sneezing fits, tingling in the nose, runny nose, and finally
leads one stuffy nose.

Vitamin D supplementation:

Why? For whom? How?

Dr. Pierre-Olivier Lang

Vitamin D, also known as “sunshine vitamin”, is a nutrient our bodies need to properly grow and maintain bones, muscles, and teeth, but also has other purposes.