JOINTS AND MUSCLES: protect your joints,

strengthen your muscles

We need our joints for virtually everything and to keep them as healthy as possible, we need to exercise often and have a balanced and nutritious diet that will help to preserve healthy joints.

Thermal baths: relaxation for the whole family!

by Martine Bernier

Their medical benefits, relaxation and related attractive activities make thermal baths a popular leisure activity for the Swiss, regardless of their region.

Desensitisation: What is it?

Prof. François Spertini

Classical immunotherapy or desensitisation consists of the subcutaneous administration of increasing doses of an allergen, allowing progressive natural exposure to that allergen without triggering an anaphylactic reaction. 

Healthy joints

Prof. Sylvie Rottet

In order to keep joints as healthy as possible, we need to exercise often, have a healthy nutritional diet, wear protective gear in some sports activities.